Kay's Knives

Steel :CTS-XHP

Blade Length: 5 inches

Handle Length: 5 inches

Satin finish

Drop point Blade

Tanto Blade  (available soon)

Kay completed her first handmade knife April 2020. The knives on this page was completed May 2021. Each one was sold at the Atlanta Blade Show 2021. This is my orginal chute knife design. Kay has made a few changes to the handle and will rename the knife. Each sells  for 650.00 plus shipping. Prices subject to change. I will post Kay,s work on my FaceBook and instagram. You can contact Kay at charitybrend@yahoo.com or 256-7363474 

You can go to Walter Brend FB and Instagram and see more of Kay's Work.



The Essential: First Knife design Kay made.

Steel: CTS-XHP

Blade Length: 4 inches

Handle Length: 4 inches

Cost: 325.00 plus shipping

Cost subject to change

Results of having the desire to help others