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Walter was working as a Meat Cutter when he severely cut his left hand.  The S shaped scar is still visible starting in the middle of his hand and running up the inside of his wrist.  After a year and two failed surgeries, Walter could only move his left hand , nothing else. No strength at all.


Meanwhile, Walter since he was a young boy would hunt all types of game, even wild hogs in the swamps of Florida, owning several hunting knives, always wanted to make a knife of his own.  


However his disability was holding him back.  His cousin told him to make a knife the old fashion way, with a draw file.  Walter would wrap and tie a cloth around his left hand and pull it with his right hand.  


After several months Walter was outside working on this knife and he felt sick, went to stand up , stumbled and fell toward the door grabbing with his left hand since he was falling on that side.  When he did all the strength was in his hand.  God had healed his hand and gave him the talent to make knives.  


Walter  has only messed up one knife in 39 years of making knives.  So with no prior experience or training except life experiences, like hunting and meat cutting and God, Walter started carving out a legacy.


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